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Pamper yourself from head to toe with full body treatments at Secret Expressions Med Spa. The expertly developed body therapies offered at Secret Expressions Med Spa are designed to cleanse the entire body, exfoliate deeply to remove toxins from the skin and to provide necessary hydration to keep skin soft, supple and healthy. Secret Expressions Med Spa in The Woodlands, Texas, offers a broad range of indulgent body therapies, including contouring wraps, body sugaring, smart liposuction, waxing, Vichy shower and spray tans made more accurate with the use of a laser guide.

Body Therapies Q & A

Secret Expressions Medical Spa

Which Body Therapies Are Offered At Secret Expressions Med Spa?

Secret Expressions Med Spa offers a full range of body therapies for your convenience and confidence, including:

  • SmartLipo┬«, a minimally-invasive way to eliminate stubborn fat and sculpt your body
  • Dermalife┬«, a relaxing hydro spa capsule to remove toxins and restore balance between mind and body
  • Infinity Spray Tans, a quick, comfortable way to achieve a sexy, golden skin tone
  • Body Contour Wraps specially formulated to detoxify your body and tighten your skin
  • Vichy Shower, a table shower massage for hydration, relaxation, and luxury
  • Body Waxing including Brazilian waxing

How Does SmartLipo Remove Unwanted Fat?

SmartLipo utilizes a lipolysis system that includes a laser for more precise treatment of stubborn fatty deposits throughout the body. More fat cells are destroyed in a shorter amount of time and with significantly less pain. To find out which Smart Lipo procedure would best suit your needs and preferences, make an appointment with one of the highly trained specialists at Secret Expressions Med Spa today.

What Options Can I Choose From in the Dermalife Spa-Jet?

Choose from a wide variety of options, including:

  • Infrared heated, vitamin-rich mineral mist
  • Adjustable temperature steam
  • Chromotherapy (also known as Color therapy)
  • Aromatherapy
  • Soothing foot spray
  • Ergonomically designed full body vibration
  • Dual Vichy shower
  • Scottish shower

What are the Benefits of Body Waxing?

Not only do you save time with Brazilian waxing and body waxing, but you also save a substantial amount of money.

You free yourself from the razor and shaving cream and instead enjoy the feeling of being pampered in a luxurious spa atmosphere.

You can see silky smooth skin that stays smooth for weeks longer than with shaving and say goodbye to stubble and ingrown hairs with a simple and effective bikini wax.

What is the Vichy Shower?

The Vichy shower, also known as a table shower massage, originated in France and is popular among high-end spa-goers in the United States. The treatment consists of exfoliation of the entire body to remove dead skin cells and other debris.

After you choose a Secret Expressions Med Spa's signature body wraps, your specialist delicately warps you with the ingredients. You simply lie back and relax while a masseur massages your feet, head, and neck.

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