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Nail Salon Specialist

Secret Expressions Medical Spa

Medical Spa located in The Woodlands, TX

Keeping your nails beautiful can improve your appearance, professionalism, self-confidence, and comfort. In addition to nail care, an essential aspect of your routine manicure is hand care – like massage and moisturizing – to keep your hands young and hydrated. For professional manicures, creative and intricate nail designs, and luxurious hand care in a clean, comfortable setting, contact the experienced nail technicians at Secret Expressions Medical Spa in The Woodlands, Texas, today.

Nail Salon Q & A

What Services Are Available At Secret Expressions Medical Spa?

Secret Expressions Medical Spa offers a full range of manicure and pedicure services including nail trimming and shaping, hand and foot massage, gentle scrubs, paraffin wax treatment, acrylic nails, gel polish, and shellac.

What’s the Difference Between the Different Styles of Acrylic Nail Tips?

Patients often hesitate to try something new with their nails merely because they aren’t sure how to ask for it. The friendly staff at Secret Expressions Medical Spa enjoy explaining their broad range of nail services and helping patients choose the shape, color, and style that best fits their personality.

Here’s a quick nail shape guide:

  • Square nails are squared off at the tip
  • Squared oval or squoval nails are flat at the tip and gently rounded at the corners
  • Rounded nails are natural in shape
  • Oval nails are round but elongated
  • Almond nails are almond-shaped, coming to a very softened point
  • Ballerina or coffin nails are similar to almond nails but squared off at the very tip; it appears as though the tip was clipped off
  • Finally, stiletto nails are long and pointed

What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Artificial Nails?

Artificial nails are fashionable and provide you with the perfect outlet to express your sense of style and add another level of dimension to your presentation. However, acrylic nails can be “high maintenance” in that they require ongoing upkeep from your nail technician. Additionally, they can damage your nails if they aren’t cared for and removed appropriately.

If you aren’t sure if acrylic nails are right for you, you can visit Secret Expressions Medical Spa for a consultation. The friendly team can assist you in making the best choice based on your desired outcome, budget, and lifestyle.

How Long Does Gel Polish Last?

Gel polish can last a long time without losing its shine or chipping. Because of its longevity, you won’t need to replace it until your nail grows out enough to leave a gap between your polish and your cuticle, or until you decide to change colors or designs.

How Can I Remove Gel Polish or Acrylic Nails When I No Longer Want Them?

Removing gel polish or acrylic nails yourself can cause damage to your nails. The safest way to get rid of old polish and either replace it or allow your nails to breathe for a while is to schedule an appointment or stop in at Secret Expressions Medical Spa.

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